10. Scams (e.g., vacant land sale, wire fraud, rental scam with listings)…FOREWARN can help you to detect fake sellers, fake lawyers/paralegals, fake landlords and fake property managers. Google alerts for your name/brokerage/team and listing addresses can help detect fake landlords and property managers in the listing scrape rental scam and other issues. Contact the lawyers and banks and FBI and Secret Service asap on wire fraud and vacant land sale scams. Please let SCR know about scams so we can help educate the public and membership and lawyers.

9. Compensation disputes (e.g., arbitration, mediation, settlement, litigation).

8. Due diligence.

7. Agency issues.

6. Advertising issues.

5. Disclosure issues. Generally, over disclosing and properly using SCR230 LLR SCREC’s RPCDS always is good risk management.

4. Ethics complaints, Ethics questions, Ethics issues…aka PROFESSIONALISM.

3. License law questions.

2. State law questions.

1. FORMS! Forms have an update on March 20th. See the SCR Youtube Channel for forms videos. SCR lawyers can provide forms training via Zoom or in person (e.g., Austin Smallwood, Tiara Pitts, Byron King).

Contact the hotline for your questions, issues, complaints, and compliments!




TPitts (Tiara Pitts can also provide fair housing training via Zoom or in person).

Thank You!

Posted by: Byron King on 03/14/23 (This information is only accurate as of 03/14/23. You must contact SCR for updates and changes to this information after 03/14/23 as laws and regulations may change over time. SCR 803-772-5206 or email info at screaltors.org or email byron at screaltors.org)

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